Prof. Reinhard Selten, Nobel Prize Winner for Economics 1994
» Dr. Kurz has not just a very detailed know-how of the telecommunications market, but also, a profound understanding of the global market mechanisms. I especially appreciate his creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and his capability to inspire the other project members. «

Michael Henning, Otto Henning & Company
» With an outstanding telecommunication expertise and analytical approach, Rainer Kurz won the unshared respect of our common client and designed a state-of-the-art business case in the area of mobile business in Germany. «

Wulf Bauerfeld, Deutsche Telekom
» Co-operating with RKBC is a professional pleasure - we did together, a voice over IP project: short time to analyze the problems; short time to evaluate the potential technical impacts; short time to get a product developed and running - the German word "Kurz" stands for short - what an imaginative coincidence. «

Dr. Boris Anderer, Brokat
» A very valuable and competent consultant, and my first choice for telco related projects. «

James Welker, Concept Consulting» We experienced Dr. Kurz as a competent and creative partner who gave us valuable insights in the areas of portfolio management, marketing and telecommunications. «

Etienne Durey, Gemplus
» Mr. Kurz brought in not only structure and knowledge, but also worked at all times, completely open, shared information and was courteous. We were highly satisfied with the project results and would work with him anytime again. «

Emmanuel Ader, Capgemini Consulting
» During our project, where we transformed a mobile phone operator, I highly appreciated his profound marketing and technology know-how. Also, I was surprised by the professional approach, the dynamic work style and the pleasant working atmosphere. With pleasure, I look forward to the next occasion to work together again. «

Frank Steigleder, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen
» Rainer Kurz advised us on the extensive rebuilding of our division. His tasks included: the definition of activities, processes and the organizational structure, and finally, the concrete implementation.

Dr. Kurz has very quickly developed a sound understanding of the specific processes at a printing press manufacturer. Through his strategic approach and his ability to make things concrete, we were able to successfully implement the project faster than planned. During the project, he communicated in an open and proactive manner with all stakeholders. In this way, he was able to address possible project risks at an early stage, and achieved an unrestricted commitment throughout the organization. Due to the very successful co-operation, we will be happy to commission Dr. Kurz again, at the next opportunity. «

Chris Gilbey, Managing Director, Dolby Australia
» I have experienced Rainer as an enthusiastic and highly professional business consultant. He is not only a very professional technology expert but also a very seasoned business manager - what a rare combination of two worlds. «

Sean O Riain, European Commission, Brussels
» I've been working with Dr. Kurz on various European projects. I have experienced him as a professional organization expert, who is in an excellent position, to not only define projects within our European organization, but also to make them successful.

His energy and his outstanding ability to work with responsible people from different countries, ensured that complex international projects were successfully implemented. «

Norbert Muhs, Daimler AG
» Rainer Kurz lead our project "Processes and specifications for the new process and IT landscape at Mercedes Service Card GmbH." In addition to his know-how and his huge experience in consulting, we particularly value his result-oriented approach. His benchmark for achievements is not the number of produced “PowerPoint slides", but a sustainable, successful implementation involving all stakeholders. Mr. Kurz achieves this by building on his experience in dealing with organizations and people. «

Dr. Michael Dirkes, Managing Director, Gemini Consulting
» I appreciate Dr. Rainer Kurz as a very professional business consultant, who excellently masters various consulting approaches. In the areas of strategy, processes and technology, he successfully solved challenging consulting requirements in a short time. I particularly appreciate his quick perception, his pragmatic approach to solutions, and the close partnership with his clients. Due to his high stress resistance, working with Mr. Kurz is even enjoyable in tense project situations. «

Dr. Johannes Maib, Qonsult AG
» During the many years of collaboration on various projects, Dr. Kurz remains a highly valued partner. We acknowledge his extraordinary and highly qualified consulting work. Dr. Kurz is an international, experienced expert, with great know-how in the telecommunications and cable industry. He provides essential contributions, precise analysis and pragmatic solutions.

Dr. Kurz has precisely the qualities that I expect from a consultant with McKinsey history: Pronounced logical / analytical thinking, strategic mindset and professionalism in his style of work. In addition, I appreciate his pleasant and friendly manner, and his ability to inspire others to work together. «

Dr. Andreas Lingscheidt, RTW-Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
» In our e-commerce project, I have experienced Rainer Kurz as someone who has a high degree of conceptual design power, who drives project tasks in a very goal-oriented way. «

Kep Enderby, Former Australian Industry Minister and Attorney-General
» Over several years, I have worked successfully with Rainer in various organizations. I value his conscientious, and his entrepreneurial nature, which is characterized by high, professional ideals. Through his intelligent and creative approaches, he succeeded in solving all the given tasks successfully. «