My name is Rainer Kurz, since 1999 I've been working as a freelance business consultant. After obtaining my doctorate at the University of Stuttgart and the ISU in Japan, I worked for six years for major international business consultancies such as McKinsey and Gemini Consulting.

My consulting approach typically consists of building a project team with the client, which, under my leadership, solves managerial tasks, implements them and incorporates them into the company, in a sustainable way. Through this approach, I can reduce the number of consulting days early in the project, allowing the client’s team to quickly take over more and more tasks. For my consulting customers, this means sustainable project results and low consulting costs.

Business consultancy without risk: Particularly, small companies often do not commission business consultants, because they cannot ascertain whether the expense of the advice really pays off. For this reason, I offer a telephone consulting service, which is billed exactly by the minute, i.e. you only pay, as long as the business advise is beneficial to you. The preliminary conversation of up to 15 minutes is free, after that, I calculate 2.50 Euro/minute. Initial solutions and new strategic approaches can often be sketched on the phone within 30 minutes. As long as I am useful to you, you can expand the scope of business conversation, as you wish. If required, I can also give advice in situ, whether in Germany or worldwide.

McKinsey at 1500 Euro per day? For complex consulting projects with several business consultants over many months, I can highly recommend my former employer McKinsey. However, if you need only a single business consultant for a shorter period of time, McKinsey will hardly be available – as an ex-McKinsey consultant, I will be at your disposal. This makes it less complex for you, and I also bill only half of the McKinsey-rate. Of course I can arrange for the billing to be flexible: 1500 Euro/day or 150 Euro/hour.

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