Clients' Quotes

„Dr. Kurz has not just a very detailed know-how of the telecommunications market, but also a profound understanding of the global market mechanisms. I especially appreciate his creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and his capability to inspire the other project members." - Prof. Reinhard Selten, Nobel Prize Winner for Economics 1994

„With an outstanding telecommunication expertise and analytical approach rkbc won the unshared respect of our common client and designed a state-of-the-art business case in the area of mobile business in Germany“ - Michael Henning, Otto Henning & Company

„Co-operating with rkbc is a professional pleasure - we did together a voice over IP project: short time to analyze the problems; short time to evaluate the potential technical impacts; short time to get a product developed and running - the German word "Kurz" stands for short - what an imaginative coincidence“ - Wulf Bauerfeld, Deutsche Telekom

„A very valuable and competent consultant and my first choice for telco related projects“
- Boris Anderer, Brokat

„We experienced rkbc as a competent and creative partner who gave us valuable insights in the areas of portfolio management, marketing and telecommunications“ - James Welker, Concept Consulting

„rkbc brought in not only structure and knowledge, but also worked at all times completely open, shared information and was courteous. We were highly satisfied with the project results and would work with rkbc anytime again .“ - Etienne Durey, Gemplus

„During our project, where we transformed a mobile phone operator, I highly appreciated the profound marketing and technology know-how. Also I was surprised by the professional approach, the dynamic work style and the pleasant working atmosphere. With pleasure I look forward to the next occasion to work together again.“ – Emmanuel Ader, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young